Old Village Paints

Traditional COLORINGS developed by masters of 18th and 19th Century color fidelity – 5th generation paint-makers  The Old Village paint crafts-men produce the authentic colours that just cannot be matched by a mass manufacturing process or by making a guess and mixing. Old Village Paints are of exceptional quality, utilizing natural earth pigments from around the globe, including the heartland of the USA.

Old Village Paint Chart

OLD VILLAGE PAINTS capture the natural beauty and personality of Colonial, Federal and Victorian periods. Ideal for household furniture, wall surfaces, ornamental accents, interior and exterior woodwork. It’s simple to use. It offers a soft-sheen velvety finish. Old Village Paints are offered in a choice of latex, oil-base, buttermilk formulations or paste stains. The Old Village Color Craftsmen are honored with the opportunity to create paint for several of America’s most notable institutions. Old Village Paints offer to the architect, decorator, and homeowner a series of authentic colours representative of those utilized in colonial America. These are formulated for use either indoors or outdoors, over an amazing assortment of substrates. Coverage, durability, and application properties of Old Village Paints are of the best available.